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New Student?


Hi - and Welcome!


To see my teaching Philosophy, CLICK HERE for the PDF.​


There are two possible ways to get into contact with me:​

CELL PHONE: (202) 297-3047



I require AT LEAST 24 hours notice for a cancellation.  You must call my cell and send me an email.  If you fail to give notice of cancellation, you will be charged for the full hour lesson.   ADDITIONALLY - If you are LATE, you'll be given the remaining time left from the time you arrive of your lesson.  I won't be able to give you the full hour lesson.  See makeup policies below for allowances.


The student is expected to turn up to lessons ON TIME, prepared and ready to work.  Although unforeseen circumstances (like traffic) may make a student late, the lesson will still have to finish within the allotted  time, although there may some flexibility about this.   If you are given music and technical exercises to do away from the lesson, you are expected to come to the next lesson prepared so that we can move forward.


If you respect me, I will respect you.  What does that mean?  Well, the first sign of respect is that you will turn up to our class ready to sing, prepared, having learnt your set work for the week.  You try the different exercises in the lesson, without complaints.  You'll work hard with your voice. In return, I will treat you with the same respect.  I will teach you to the best of my ability, and the lesson with smoothly sail by.


Bring a tape recorder or Digital Sound device to record your lessons.
Bring the booklet (Thoughts for Singing) you have been provided for notes and vocalizes.
Water - you don't want to dry up.
Sugar Free Ricola Drops - soothes the sore throat.  I don't recommend Menthol or any sugar drops.


Each lesson, you will be expected to be prepared to sing.  This means that you will have all your materials ready, your music, a pencil, water and anything else you need.  You will arrive on time for your lesson.  What you can expect of me:  I will come prepared to your lesson, be early, and teach you for your full allotted time.


Please Practice.  You'll not only benefit your own progress, but it will be a pleasure to teach you!  I can tell when you're not practicing.  I've also heard every excuse in the book because I also used to have a teacher, and I used all the same ones.  WE KNOW!  If I assign you work to do for the week, you will be expected to warm up your voice with the selected vocalizes and come prepared to the next lesson with the piece of music and assigned passage(s) learned and ready to present.  If you don't practice, you're wasting not only my time, but yours too.  Singing well involves practice too.  We can't all be blessed with prefect voices - most of us have to work at that, and practicing our voices is the start!

Sickness / Vocal Health

Everyone gets sick, and that's OK.  As singers, getting sick is the last thing we want to have happen.  You can take care of yourself though.  Don't put yourself in situations where you are perceptible to colds.  Be sure that you nurse your illnesses with rest.  Be sure to take all your vitamins.  IF YOU ARE SICK - do not come to your lesson.  Please cancel -  we will reschedule.  I'd rather you heal before trying to practice your voice again.  For more health related info, click here.

Seminars (Masterclass, Workshop & Rep Class all-in-one) & FINAL end-of-year Recital

​Every three months, we have a Student Seminar.  This is open ONLY to students.  The seminar is like a workshop, rep-class and masterclass all tied into one session.  Each student gets 15-20 minutes 'go time' where they sing their chosen song, get criticized by the group of students, and then sing again with help from the teacher.  These are perfect for the growing student.

Every July, the studio gets together to have a Student Recital.  This is a great opportunity to show off what you have learned in your lessons to an understanding, yet appreciative audience of friends and family.  Although I do not force you perform in the concert, I strongly encourage you to do so.  If part of your goals is to gain self-confidence, one of the best ways is to perform in front of a warm-welcoming, receptive audience.  Not only do you gain a great sense of accomplishment out of performing, but it will also allow us to continuously move on to better things, more repertoire and new goals.
There will be an addition Recital Accompanist Fee per student for each SEMINAR and the FINAL RECITAL - these fess pay for the use of the space and the pianist.  The teacher is NOT PAID.

Make-up Lessons

If I miss one of your lessons, I will make it up as soon as our schedules work.  If you miss a lesson for a reason which is an emergency, I will do my best to reschedule your lesson.  If you are late and wish to reschedule, it's not going to happen.  I will teach you the remainder of your lesson time, and you will be charged for the full time.

If you cancel without 24 hours notice, or call the same day to say "I'm just too busy today, can we reschedule" - the answer is NO.  I'm sorry, but I am too busy to be able to just cancel and move lessons around at the last minute. This is a business, and like any other appointment (Doctors, Massage, Dentist), if you don't give notice, you get charged.  Please respect my time - your time is just as important, and I respect that too.  I will be clear though - Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice result in NO SHOW fee charge for the entire hour lesson.

Lesson Layout

Lessons are 1-hour in length.  45 minutes are spent on technique with 15 minutes on your chosen repertoire.  If you require some form of remedial learning in other subjects such as score reading, theory of music or general music history, then I will dedicate a few minutes of each lesson to instruct you in the specific areas where you need the work.  THEREFORE, if you are assigned remedial work, you are expected to do it as well as your singing practicing.

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