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New Student?


Hi - and Welcome!

Questions that new students often ask!

What do I get for the price I pay for lessons?

- Voice Lessons: - i.e. not just songs, but at least 40 minutes of technique, solely focusing on your particular voice.
- Vocal Coaching: - the coaching of songs - if you have a recital or just want to learn new songs - I will teach you how to sing them correctly - using the techniques you have just learned in your lesson.
- Theory of Music: - You are (or can be) taught theory, all the way from basic, to an area where you understand how to read music and understand the technical side of it too.
- Aural and Listening: - You are taught to improve you ear - sing in tune - cause you can HEAR it.
- Sight-reading: - With ongoing sight-reading, you quickly learn to read music.

What else do I get?

- a CD of pieces created for me, pertaining to the music I am currently learning, if I want one (extra charge)
- Photocopies
- Thoughts for singing - a vocal reference booklet (Copyright to Chris Dudley)

What are your qualifications?

To see my professional website (with my resume and other details), please visit:
- NATS Certified
- ABRSM Certified - Also, Grade 8 Voice
- BA Music, University of East Anglia, UK
- MM (Masters in Music and Pedagogy), Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins (Peabody Conservatory).


​The cost of an initial lesson is $80 for the hour (paid in cash only for 1st lesson --- if you do not have cash, $80 is due by check for the initial lesson).​​​​​​​​​​  This will include a 45 minute lesson on technique and establishing an
understanding of the issues and concerns of your voice.  The remaining time will be spent discussing Goals for the voice, lesson policies, and other studio information. 
Lesson cost thereafter is as follows:
Individual Lessons - $80 per lesson
Monthly Lessons - $70 per lesson = $280/month** (must be paid in advance)
**based on one lesson per week, no bi-monthly

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