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The 2020 Teaching Season is underway.

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Saving $40 vs. PER lesson

Learn Theory of Music, how to understand sight-reading, Aural-Skills, and General Musicianship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  How do you conduct your classes?
2.  Could you please tell me a bit about the structure of your lessons?
3.  What material do you use to teach?
4.  What's a typical number of lessons one takes to improve voice?
5.  Where do you teach?
6.  How much do you charge?
7.  Are your lessons one-on-one and how long do they last?
8.  How do you instruct professional singers?
9.  What is your teaching forte/what do you focus on primarily, and the style/genre of music you lean more towards?
10.  What ages do you teach?
11.  What exercises do you recommend for singing?
12.  What's your background and qualifications for offering voice lessons?
13.  What would you say makes you unique or different than other teachers?
14.  Do you play the Piano?
15.  Do you teach any other instruments, like Piano, or Cello, or teach Theory, etc.?

Thank you for your interest in taking voice lessons.

1.  How do you conduct your classes?
Generally, I focus the lesson on technique, although I tend to base the lessons on that which the student wishes to work, whether that be repertoire or a specific technical issue, such as support, breathing, attack, tension, placement, etc.

2.  Could you please tell me a bit about the structure of your lessons?
Each lesson involves a period of warming up and stretching the muscles - it is always best to sing only after a warm up.  The basics involve teaching scales and vocalizes, posture, breathing, tone quality, vowels, appoggio technique, support, and much more. I focus on all of the above, and each lesson, try to incorporate a new idea into the singers voice, and once again hammer in the basic techniques of singing.

3.  What material do you use to teach?
I have put together a booklet - partly about what I teach, i.e., the basics - also some anatomical diagrams and explanations - further, I try to keep my students updated with current literature on vocal pedagogy - the booklet also includes numerous articles pertaining to registers and resonance, support and breathing.  There is also a section of Vocalizes, with 47+ singing exercises, relating specifically to you technical issue. I update it regularly.

4.  What's a typical number of lessons one takes to improve voice?
That really depends upon the level you want to achieve.  I've been taking voice lessons personally since I was 7 years old.  Professional singers, and those with advanced singing careers, still take voice lessons.  It can take your whole life to get the voice you've always wanted - or you could be a musical wonder and have everything when you start.  It mainly depends on where you start - if you are a complete beginner, but a fast learner, then you'll get the basics in no time at all.  I won't put a 'number' on the amount of lessons, but leave that to how quickly you pick up voice and the techniques.

5.  Where do you teach?
I teach in my home, in Chantilly, VA. 

6.  How much do you charge?
Very easy to see on this website.  I do, however, offer discounts as well as the opportunity to pay in advance.  The more lessons you purchase in advance, the more savings you get.  Currently, lessons are $80 an hour, (if you pay per lesson), and $70 an hour, or $280 a month, (if you are paying in advance for the month, i.e. one lesson a week, 4-lessons a month).  If you are paying monthly, and cancel a lesson within 24 hours notice, then you are charged for that lesson.  If you book and pay per lesson, you must also cancel within 24-hours notice.

7.  Are your lessons one-on-one and how long do they last?
Yes they are - one-on-one individual lessons.  Each lesson lasts 60 minutes.

8.  How do you instruct professional singers?
I have a few professional singers as students.  I work with them primarily the same as my vocally less mature students.  My reason for this is that, "the Basics" involve constant work - any lapse in them and things start to drift away.  I also work on difficulties specific to the student, for example, if you have issues with mouth/jaw Tension, I'll focus in on that, and start some vocalizes to help loosen the (jaw).

9.  What is your teaching forte/what do you focus on primarily, and the style/genre of music you lean more towards?
I am classically trained, but correct technique in singing can be put towards any genre of music.  My voice part is countertenor - I sing the same range as most sopranos/altos/mezzos.  Correct technique will help you with whatever genre of music you choose to go into.

10.  What ages do you teach?
At one point, I was teaching kids starting at age 10, however, at this time, I am only accepting adult students, and high-school students with a direction of persuing music, or vocal pedagogy at college/university.  If you are a countertenor (or just going through a change), or a chorister looking to coach on some music, I will consider teaching you, but this will be on a case-by-case basis.

11.  What exercises do you recommend for singing?
When any new student starts with me, I give them a package - mainly reading material, but also description of anatomy of the voice, registers and resonance, breathing, relaxation, support, posture, etc.  I also give the new trainee a set of about 50 vocalizes, each with a specific purpose to help the voice.

12.  What's your background and qualifications for offering voice lessons?
I have a BA in Music from the University of East Anglia (in England), and an MM in vocal performance and pedagogy from the Peabody Conservatory of Music of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  I have been teaching for the past 20 years, both in London and locally as a technique teacher.  As a performer, I sing as a member of the Washington National Cathedral Choir and The Washington Bach Consort, and have sung with groups such as Chantry, the Woodley Ensemble, and New York's Ensemble for Early Music, and the District Eight.  For five years, I was also the head of the voice department at Washington College, on the Eastern Shore (College aged kids, from 18-22).  I am also a soloist in both this area and New York.  

13.  What would you say makes you unique or different than other teachers?
When you have a lesson with me, I approach your learning in two ways.  First, I constantly challenge you, ask questions relating to the technique, push and make you work hard at the exercise.  I rarely give away the answer until I have seen that you have at least tried to solve it yourself.  This makes you understand where you are going wrong, as well as makes you think about your own voice. Second, each new student gets a learning booklet that includes the basics of vocal techniques and topics that are covered in each class.

14.  Do you play the Piano?
Yes, I do - although I am not able to accompany harder pieces; I am not a pianist.  If you require coaching sessions, I am happy to provide a pianist (someone with whom I have an arrangement) at a minimal increase to your fee (by arrangement only).​

15.  Do you teach any other instruments, like Piano, or teach Theory, etc.?​

I believe that singers wanting a full singing education should also take Theory and Piano as a complete education.  Yes, I teach theory in all lessons, based on the Associated Board of the Royal School of  Music schedule.  This is included in all voice lessons as part of the ongoing musical education, and students are assessed and placed on a grade (Grades 1-8) particular to their need and understanding.  I believe learning piano helps in the understanding of theory, general musicianship, and the reading of music.​

When you get into contact with me, please answer the following questions:​
- Would you give me a background on your musical training (if any)?
- How old are you?
- What voice part do you think you are?
- What specific vocal problems you think you have and would like to focus on?
- Can you tell me more about your singing experience, and past teachers/lessons?

To set up an lesson, please CONTACT ME.

For available times and openings, please see my Schedule Page.

I took lessons with Chris for 6+ years, before leaving for the West Coast.  He taught me everything from Basic Singing Technique, to Music Theory, with Aural Skills, Sight-Reading, and the Theory/Composition/Transposition (things I thought were impossible before I even began!).  He also did quarterly master-classes and seminars, as well as a final concert at the end of each lessons year (June/July).  This definitely helped me with confidence in singing in front of others.

Somewhere along the line, I found myself being invited to participate with the Cathedral Choral Society, the Washington Chorus, Cantate Chamber Singers - all because Chris taught me how to sing, read, perform ... I recommend him to anyone looking for a competent TECHNIQUE teacher.

Technique.  I'm not going to say much else.  Early music is my life! I came to DC from Berkeley CA, and, of course, the music out there is second to none.  When I found my teacher, Chris Dudley, I was impressed with his knowledge of the technical part of MY voice. He was able to demonstrate exactly what he needed to hear from me, as well as show me exactly what I was doing wrong, and how to fix it.

He asked me to write this review - I haven't had lessons with him regularly in a couple years, as I moved back to CA, to become a partner at a law firm, but, I can say one thing with confidence.  Chris is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with.  He is RAW, and to the point, really cares about his students, works us hard, and with brutal, honest criticism; we need more teachers like him

He stopped teaching for a while to focus on his new family, and his real estate, but when he told me he was getting back into teaching, I quickly had another lesson with him on my next visit over - as good as ever.  If you're looking for an amazing technique teacher, Chris will steer you all the way to the top.  Technique - coaching - theory if you need it.  All in all, give him a call!



Tel. (202) 297-3047

Email: Admin@DudleyAlto.com

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Accepting Students wishing to learn Classical Voice Only.  Not accepting Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Gospel, or other Genres.  Chris Dudley is a Countertenor, and specializes in Early Music through Classical.  The majority of his students are soprano, alto, countertenor and mezzo, however, he also teaches tenor and bass.  Technique is technique, the same for all parts.

Chris Dudley is PRIMARILY a Technique Teacher, and has taught numerous students, both beginner and professional.  He is also a coach (and can work with you on pieces for upcoming auditions, or concerts.)  Want to know about ornamentation - find out here!